21 March 2024 Product Updates

Prime Stone range fully low-silica with nine new designs added

Nine of our stunning new Prime Stone designs have now landed and we have a few more coming mid-year. With the most popular existing designs being retained but moved into low-silica formulations, the entire range is now a composite low-silica using a mix ...

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13 September 2023 Product Updates

Top selling Prime Stone designs now available in low silica

We're delighted to advise that seven of our top selling stone designs have now arrived in the low-silica formulation and samples are available for those.  A further four designs are being supplied as low-silica with samples from early November with sample...

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20 April 2023 Product Updates

NZ Panels Group moves to replace its engineered stone with a low silica alternative

Fabricators put on notice that supply will be restricted to those following RCS guidelines. NZ Panels Group will replace its entire engineered stone range, marketed under the Prime Stone brand, with a low silica alternative by early next year. Respirato...

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03 April 2023 Product Updates

Concrete-inspired designs added to Prime Stone range

Two stunning new designs have been added into the Prime Stone Babylon Collection.  Both have a polished finish but the concrete-style design effect within the stone gives them a more rugged appeal and makes them a versatile option for both residential and...

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19 February 2023 Product Updates

Prime Acrylic changes to Ultraglaze acrylic

Prime Acrylic decorative panels will now be known as Ultraglaze acrylic panels.  With both brands owned by NZ Panels Group and using the same high quality acrylic from Senosan in Austria, it made sense to combine them under one name.   All Prime Acrylic ...

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11 October 2022 Product Updates

Cohesive colour palette anchors new releases from Prime Melamine

Seven stunning new colours have been introduced to the Prime Melamine range, using a cohesive palette that blends soft pastels with a clean-grained oak, a smoky Eucalyptus and an oxidised metallic effect in grey tonings. The four solid colours feature cl...

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20 September 2022 Product Updates

Our Adorno Wall Panels could transform your next project

We're excited to launch our new range of pre-primed interior decorative wall panels. Adorno Wall Panels offer a choice of eight contemporary profiles that cover the popular batten designs through to curves and flutes. These versatile and affordable panel...

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10 March 2022 General News

Specifying fire-rated veneer and melamine panels just got easier

Our melamine and veneer panels pressed on MDF FR Black have both received a Group 1-s fire performance rating in recent testing. And the great news is that veneer panels don't require an intumescent coating, but can use a standard two-pack polyurethane to be compliant.

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25 August 2021 Product Updates

Prime Toitū Veneer™ recreates the look of solid timber

Our new Prime Toitū Veneer™ panels have been hand-crafted to emulate the look of solid timber and will add impact to any interior project. The new range uses mis-matched leaves in a stunning planked effect and includes six NZ Native timber options along ...

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16 August 2021 Sustainability

Track my Tree finalist in Sustainable Business Awards

NZ Panels Group is proud to be one of six companies short-listed for the 2021 Sustainable Business Awards - Communicating for Impact category. The Track my Tree initiative offered under Prime Panels is a unique program that offers complete transparency o...

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03 February 2021 General News

New showroom opens in Parnell

NZ Panels Group has opened a brand new showroom within the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell, Auckland. It replaces the showroom at the company's East Tamaki manufacturing site which is now closed. Designed very specifically for the architectural and designer...

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06 November 2020 Sustainability

Prime Acrylic and HPL panels get the ECNZ tick

Prime Melamine and Veneer have long held Environmental Choice NZ accreditation and now our High Pressure Laminate (HPL) pressed panels and Acrylic panels do too.   The expanded list of Prime Panel products with accreditation includes: Prime Laminate (...

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06 May 2020 Product Updates

Trio of new HPL designs added to Prime Laminate range

The Prime Laminate range has got a new colour boost with the introduction of three very distinct designs that offer real creative potential. Our Soft-Matt range, already noted for its naughty names (Devious, Surrender, Minx, Black Velvet and Foxy) now ha...

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20 April 2020 General News

Can you kill a virus with a surface treatment?

Like all of us, you've no doubt been paying extra attention to hygiene and cleaning matters as the Covid-19 pandemic has spread. With everyone likely to be heading back into the workplace over the next few weeks, we thought it may be helpful to understand...

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08 October 2019 Product Updates

Major relaunch for Prime Stone

Prime Stone has introduced six stunning new designs along with a new stone sample folder and catalogue, boosting its offer to a total of 28 designs. Three gorgeous new marble designs have been added to the Elements Collection, a range that reflects the l...

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17 July 2019 Sustainability

Find out exactly where your NZ Native veneer comes from

Prime Panels is proud to lead the way in introducing Track my Tree - an exciting  new initiative that provides confidence that your veneer panel has been sustainably sourced - and has a clear chain of custody from the farm or forest right through to our v...

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03 June 2019 Product Updates

10 new colours and a new plate finish for Prime Melamine

Prime Panels is excited to release 10 new designs into the Prime Melamine range in tandem with the release of a new Timberland plate finish which provides a deeply textured and realistic timber structure. When combined with any woodgrain decor, it can be ...

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21 May 2019 General News

Prime Panels launches video guide to veneer

Prime Panels has created a series of short video segments to provide a complete guide to working with natural timber veneer.  Whether it's a refresher for those who already work with veneer, or an introduction for architects, designers and joiners unfami...

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01 February 2019 Product Updates

Fun meets fabulous in this new colour release

If you need a dash of flair or a dose of originality then our new melamine colour release may be just what you need. We've added a much-requested new birch ply design (Premium Ply) , a sophisticated striated design (Silver Fox) plus four bright new solid...

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16 January 2019 General News

Lower formaldehyde rating for our Standard MDF

We're delighted to announce that we've switched out our Standard MDF substrate to be even more environmentally friendly with a lower formaldehyde rating of EO.  It was previously rated E1.   Our MDF MR (moisture resistant) option was already EO - which eq...

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13 November 2018 Product Updates

Prime Maples get an update

We've been spring cleaning and decided our maples needed a freshen up - especially with big demand for these in wardrobes and desking.  Bleached Maple - This is an update on the existing Pale Maple, which is now deleted to make way for this newer version...

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27 September 2018 Product Updates

Choosing the right veneer - use our handy guide...

How timber is sliced has a major impact on the grain as it appears on a sheet of veneer. Add to that the various lay-up options and you can create a myriad of design effects. We thought we'd cut through a bit of the mystery with our simple Veneer Specifi...

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24 September 2018 General News

Guides for joiners and fabricators ensure quality every step of the way

Handling and care guides for fabricators and joiners covering Prime Acrylic, Prime Laminate and Prime Plywoods.

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17 August 2018 Product Updates

New Prime Stone Collection designed to inspire, engineered to perform.

Prime Panels has launched a new range for Prime Stone called the Elements Collection. This sophisticated collection sets the benchmark for quality and elegance and reflects the latest European design trends seen at Euro Cucina for large-scale veined marb...

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11 June 2018 Product Updates

New Soft-Matt colour added in inky blue

Broody and dark is how we roll... Given the popularity of our Soft-Matt laminate range, we've added another colour to the Prime Laminate Panels Collection. Devious is a dark inky blue (almost a blue-black) right on-trend with what we saw at Euro Cucina ...

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05 June 2018 Product Updates

New option available for fire-rated MDF

Prime FR MDF Black is now available in 19mm thickness in both 2400 x 1200mm and 2740 x 1200mm sheet sizes, offering even more design possibilities.  Black MDF was used to striking effect in in Vidak's Auckland showroom shown here.  The black MDF is popula...

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15 March 2018 Product Updates

New additions for Prime Stone range

Two new colours  have been added to the Prime Stone Classic Collection and one to the Babylon Collection, in answer to some very specific requests from designers. Delicate mixes it up with raw in a finely grained concrete design for both Golden Bay and M...

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14 February 2018 General News

Warranties extended on Melamine, Acrylic and Laminate

Prime Panels is pleased to announce it has extended its product warranties on all its Prime Melamine, Prime Acrylic and Prime Laminate panels to 10 years.  Chief Executive of NZ Panels Group, Lou Cadman,  said that the company's new purpose-built site in...

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25 January 2018 Product Updates

Coloured melamine a growing trend for cabinetry interiors.

Be beautiful on the inside too... When Prime Panels refreshed its Prime Melamine range, it included three new designs that were created (and priced) to meet the demand for coloured cabinetry interior options.Its Honed Silica, Honed Steel and Honed Slate ...

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10 January 2018 Product Updates

New generation matt laminates launched

Prime Panels has launched a major refresh of its Prime Laminate Benchtop Collection with 26 new designs added. Notable for the inclusion of a new Soft-Matt range and soft touch photo-realistic designs in marble, stone, concrete and wood. Distinguished by...

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