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21 March 2024 Product Updates

Prime Stone range fully low-silica with nine new designs added

Product Updates

Nine of our stunning new Prime Stone designs have now landed and we have a few more coming mid-year.

With the most popular existing designs being retained but moved into low-silica formulations, the entire range is now a composite low-silica using a mix of recycled glass, glass sand and quartz.   Silica levels are below 30% on most designs, making it comparable to granite.   

With the addition of new designs, we've ditched our previous collection names and the Prime Stone low silica range is all shown together.  New pricing categories replace the collection names - 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

When you click on a stone swatch, you can identify if the design can be supplied with a mirror image slab, and also if it is a digital print which a few of our new designs are.

Our digital prints use the same technology as Porcelain benchtop products, offering precision and clarity when replicating marble and granite. However, unlike porcelain which has only white, grey or black options for the edge, the digital print edge for our composite low-silica stone is a similar colour to the top of the slab, making the contrast less obvious. In some cases light veining can be seen, but this is not an exact match to the top. Digital prints are only in 20mm and slabs can be mitred to retain the classic veining from benchtop through the edge. 

Many of our veined designs are also available as mirror slabs, making it easier to achieve an attractive right-angle join either vertically or horizontally where veining can
be matched up.

Our showroom at Residium in Auckland now has all the new designs on display with our gorgeous Olympia (above) featuring on the benchtop above the stone display drawers.   The drawers now contain 500 x 500mm size slabs of each new design.  The stunning Calacatta Gold can be seen on the benchtop in the Dezignatek showroom adjacent to the main showroom area.

The entire low-silica range has Declare accreditation, making it useful for projects in the Living Building Challenge.

Note that Prime Stone is only supplied to fabricators operating within the Worksafe RCS guidelines within a controlled wet-cutting environment with proper PPE and extraction systems - these are audited by IMPAC. 


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