We’re very proud to lead the way in introducing a new Track my Tree feature for NZ Native Veneer.   If you have a Track my Tree code for your native veneer, you can be confident there is a documented chain of custody from the source right through to our veneer press in Auckland.  This also includes a valid MPI permit for harvesting and GPS location information.

The Track my Tree code is printed on the invoice when a native veneer species is sold to a merchant or joiner.  It also appears as a printed code attached to the side of the veneer panel when it leaves our plant. It means you can trace the tree (or group of trees) that your veneer panel came from. By entering the code into the Track my Tree database on the Natural Veneer page of our website, you can:-

View the location of the tree (or trees) on Google Earth

  • View the MPI permit that shows your veneer was sustainably sourced
  • See the source type of your tree i.e. windblown

Even if you haven’t bought our veneer, or don’t have a code, you can still use the search feature above to browse through all the New Zealand native trees we have tracked – filtering your search by species type. 

When specifying or ordering:

Please specify Prime Veneer by brand name along with the veneer species on any design plans or order to ensure you are correctly supplied and can have confidence in the quality and origin of your veneer.   

The video below explains how Track my Tree works.

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