08 October 2019 Product Updates

Major relaunch for Prime Stone

Product Updates

Prime Stone has introduced six stunning new designs along with a new stone sample folder and catalogue, boosting its offer to a total of 28 designs.

Three gorgeous new marble designs have been added to the Elements Collection, a range that reflects the latest international design trends curated for the New Zealand market.   Finelli is a delicate, diagonally veined marble with a clean white base and Colonnata is a similarly styled marble with a more horizontal structure to the veining.   Both are in a polished finish.   Calacatta Formosa has a creamy base and a wider vein structure and comes in both a Polished and Honed finish. 

In the Babylon Collection, three new additions offer a very versatile palette to work with.  Apollo comes in a polished finish and is a warmly toned, softly textured stone that goes beautifully with both dark and mid-tone woodgrains.   Aurora is a honed stone design, also softly textured in a neutral grey/green that makes it a winner with crisp black and white finishes.  Artemis, in a polished finish, has a charcoal base which looks fantastic when paired with copper/brass accents.

Supporting the relaunch of Prime Stone is a new catalogue - The Stone Book - in the same style as the The Veneer Book and The Melamine Book and which features both full slab images and close-up swatch images to make choosing easier.    A new sample folder has also been introduced, which contains all three collections - Elements, Babylon and Classic.

One of the distinct advantages of the Prime Stone offer is its pricing structure, which remains the same for all colours in a Collection, making it effortless to change colours if you need to.  With a jumbo 3200 x 1600 slab for efficient cutting, it is an economical choice.  Babylon and Classic Collection designs come in both 20mm and 30mm thickness and the Elements Collection is 20mm thickness only.

Not included in the Prime Stone Book or Sample folder, but available with a modest selection of four designs is our Prime Stone XXL range - offering an affordable oversize jumbo slab that is 250mm wider than the size offered for the other three Collections.


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