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24 September 2018 General News

Guides for joiners and fabricators ensure quality every step of the way

General News

Prime Panels prides itself on producing high quality products that leave our manufacturing site in pristine condition. We're sure joiners and fabricators do the same when it comes to having finished cabinetry and/or benchtops leave their premises ready for installation.

However, sometimes staff need a refresher on how to store and handle our products so that no damage occurs prior to or during production. For that reason we've produced a series of guides for fabricators and joiners.

Prime Laminate Post-forming Guide

This guide contains a complete list of the radii that each of our Prime Laminate Benchtop Collection can be post-formed to. It is based on standard industry practice and we always recommend consultation with your machine manufacturers if you have any uncertainty or difficulties.  Click to view.

Prime Acrylic - Handling and Storage

While Prime Acrylic is highly durable and made using quality European-sourced acrylic film with the highest level of scratch resistance available, we cannot be responsible for damage occurring through poor handling and storage.

This Guide has a few simple tips that will avoid any issues, and also contains a care and maintenance guide on the back.  Click to view.

Prime Plywood - Handling and Storage

Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by humidity, causing previously flat sheets to bow or twist. It is the uneven exposure to humidity from one side of the sheet to the other which can cause issues, especially when used for free-standing kitchen doors. We take all care to minimise this effect, however cannot be responsible for sheets once they leave our warehouse.

This guide gives a few simple tips on how to avoid any issues.   Click to view.

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