PrimePanels Environmental Promise     

"To sustain our resources and environment"

As a leader in the panel industry PrimePanels adopts and promotes sustainable business practices designed to minimise our national and global environmental impact.

PrimePanels continues to search out alternative products to meet the growing needs of our environmentally conscious customers, while creating processes in our manufacturing plant that are mindful of the environment for future generations.

Some of the sustainable principles include:

  • Promoting the use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) controlled veneers, melamine and MDF boards
  • Supply of Super Low Formaldehyde MDF board
  • Reducing our manufacturing waste
  • Controlling of the manufacturing waste such as separating waste for recycling
  • Reducing and develop new processes to minimise energy consumption.

*Environmental Choice Certificate is only applicable to PrimeMelamine MDF products 6 mm or thicker, PrimeMelamine PBD products 9 mm or thicker, PrimeVeneer MDF 9 mm or thicker and PrimeVeneer PBD products 9 mm or thicker.

  • Furniture & Fittings
  • License number: 3210078