Prime Panels surface products are more than just a pretty face. Under the surface lies a very clever core. Choose from: MDF in a range of thicknesses, moisture resistance and environmental options, or if your design demands more, Prime MDF FR (flame retardant MDF), and Prime Ply substrates offer even greater flexibility.



MDF offers the widest choice when selecting a core and will satisfy most applications

Prime Ply

'Form, function and beauty' - Choose the raw core or let us overlay your choice using the latest pressing technology

Particle Board

'When the budget is a bit tight!' - A quality panel at an economical price



'Need a fire rated panel' - A world class, fire resistant MDF panel tested to NZ building code standards


Prime FR MDF Black

MDF FR Black

MDF FR Black is a fire resistant MDF panel tested to NZ building code standards and can be painted